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Medicinal Plantains
Start Alfred de Delice
End Alfred de Delice
Level 1 (Req. 4)
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 140
Reputation Survivors 1000
Rewards Frayed Bandage
Repeatable Yes


Wild Plantain

Gather 10 Wild Plantain leaves and deliver them to Alfred de Delice.



Press T to highlight the plants (or bind that function to a more convenient button). This will allow you to see the plants from a large distance.

This quest is useful for increasing reputation, and getting bandages that can be sold for a decent sum of money. High reputation will allow you to buy special items from the Survivors' Quartermasters, Frolicsome Family.

You can complete this quest multiple times if you intend to get high reputation. Grinding this quest is not recommended, however, since almost all other quests in the area give that reputation. Accept this quest and gather Wild Plantains as you do other quests. When you have completed most of them, turn in all the leaves you have found.