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Meeting the Hero
Start Nestor Golovanov
End Horn the Roughneck
Level 37
Type World Mystery - Strange Cultists (Empire) or Strange Cultists (League)
Category Dragon Ring
Experience 470
Reputation 250 Demon Hunters Reputation
Rewards 23s 50c
Previous The Two-Headed Enemy
Next Words of Truth
Database Allodsdatabase.png
No, it wasn't me that killed Gorluxor. Our squad was headed by Horn the Roughneck. They were patrolling the Astral when they ran into a bunch of cultists escorted by a whole pack of demons.
A real bloodbath ensued. We lost many brave Demon Hunters that day, but Gorluxor was slain and his henchmen turn heel and ran.
We then followed them to this archipelago. We thought it might be their base. Horn the Roughneck is the real hero - he's the one you want if you need information on Gorluxor. I sent him and his squad to explore this area and look for more cultists. You can find his camp just outside of the Cursed Lands.


Speak to Horn the Roughneck on Darkscale Isle.


Wait, what?! They're accusing me of forgery? Do you know how many years I've been around fighting demons? If I was an Imperial Orc, I'd have a whole bag's worth of medals! Why would I do anything like that?! My honor as an Orc is far more important!