League Title
Meeting with the Keeper of Secrets
Start Homer de Delice
End Lovewise Catfish
Level 7 (Req. 6)
Category Lightwood
Experience 85
Previous Adventurer's Stone
Thanks to you, another mystery has been solved! Now, we can use the powr of ancient June people to move between allods.
I suggest you go see Lovewise Catfish, the Keeper of Secrets. He's located in Aidenus' Tower. His job involves collecting, classifying, and studying the ancient mysteries of the world. There's so much that we have yet to discover! He may even reward you for your hand in solving yet another puzzle!


Speak with Lovewise Catfish, the Keeper of Secrets, in Aidenus' Tower.


Ancient June magic... A ton of research needs to be done on this immediately. We have many surprises in store for us, that's for sure!
If you are able to uncover any other secrets, come to me and I'll reward you well.
As for the one you've already worked out... Being able to use the ancient teleportation trails is reward enough!


  • 85 Experience (level 6)


After completing the quest, talk to Lovewise again and select the Ancient June Magic topic, to turn in that World Mystery quest.

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