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Mending the Ship
Start Knotty Family
End Knotty Family
Level 37
Category Dragon Ring
Experience 940
Reputation 250 Demon Hunters Reputation
Rewards 47s
Repeatable Yes
What a terrible battle! The demons defended the cultists' ship to the death! We took some heavy losses, but we gave them a real good thrashing as well.
Those demon claws are strong enough to strip the planking off our ships... and that's exactly what they did! The Arrow got the worst of it. She was built by the best Gibberling shipbuilders in Kania - a solid ship, if a bit on the old side.
Right now the poor girls needs a complete overhaul, but first we need to know whether the local wood can do the job. Here, take this axe and go collect five samples from the nearby threes. We'll take it from there.


Collect 5 Wood Samples for the Knotty Family.


Let's see what you collected. These samples look very promising! Thanks so much for getting them. It should only be a matter of days now until the ship's repaired.
You know, we were dying to join in the last battle, but Horn the Roughneck wouldn't have it. He rushed us down into the hold, saying he better not see our faces on the deck. "Who's gonna repair the ship if you die?!" he said. See, masters like us are a precious commodity!