League Title
Mining Salt
Start Tikhon Korchakov
End Tikhon Korchakov
Level 12
Category Siveria
Experience 660
Reputation 1000 Molotovka Traders
Rewards 10 Salted Deer
9Silver 64Copper
Repeatable No

Mining Salt is a quest given by Tikhon Korchakov in Motolova. Your objective is to collect 10 salt crystals from around the shore of the Salt Lake.


The salt crystals, big blue crystals you use by right clicking them or using z, are found along the shore of the last part of the river before the lake, aswell as along the southern shore. Watch out for the goblins (level 11/12). The goblin elite, Skipjack the Wet, is also closeby some of the crystals, although many are available without any risk of meeting these goblins. When you have collected all the 10 salt crystals, return to Tikhon Korchakov.

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