Neutral Title
Mysterious Treasure
Start Wreckage
End Wreckage
Level 1 (Req. 4)
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 150
Rewards Iron Chest
Repeatable Yes
Hm...These must be the ancient ruins Alfred de Delice was talking about! These sorts of places have to have mysterious artifacts! If you dig around, maybe you'll find something useful.


Wreckage ancientjuneruinsquest

Ancient June Ruins

Search the ancient ruins for any treasure.


Wow, treasure! It doesn't look like an ancient artifact. In fact, it looks like something stashed away by an Astral pirate. Well, many thanks to the Sarnaut inhabitant who buried this treasure. You should open it immediately and find out what's inside!



This quest is unlocked by the Search for the Ancient Ruins quest. It can be completed once every day.

The following map shows the location of the ruins:

Evermeet treasure map

Treasure map

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