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Nezeb's Fifth Feat
Start Unknown
End Yasker
Level 5 (Req. 4)
Category Nezebgrad
Rewards 8s 70c
Are you the Imperial Survivor? I know about you! Pravdin told me all about your heroic feats. Oh… I can't stop crying. How could it be? Someone stole Nezeb's Staff! Who would dare do that?
I just finished reading a beautiful essay about Nezeb's leadership in the Great Astral Campaign. And now this happens! Oh great Nezeb, where art thou? It feels like the whole world is falling down upon our heads…
There can only be one pilgrimage at a time like this - to return Nezeb's Staff. That wouldn't be a regular pilgrimage… that would be a real act of heroism! But you're not just an ordinary citizen either, you're the Imperial Survivor!


Retrieve Nezeb's Staff from the XAES and return it to Yasker himself.


Do you have something to say? I am quite busy right now.
Well, many a pilgrim has defended Nezeb's memorials, but you're the only one who has truly repeated Nezeb's heroic act by protecting us from the Astral's destructive power. The Empire is in your debt. I never thought I'd say this to anyone but… I am in your debt too.
And you have finally completed your pilgrimage. I will personally give you the Fifth Mark of a Pilgrim. There has never been a citizen of the Empire who has been more worthy of it than you!


Nezeb's Staff can be looted in XAES from the last Boss, Afanasy Kudesov.

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