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Nezeb's Second Feat
Start Yana Vodina
End Yana Vodina
Level 5 (Req. 5)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 300
Reputation 500 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards 1s 38c
And long did the Xadaganian people wander the deserts, and long had their water skins been empty. At seeing this, the great Nezeb became dismayed and ordered for wells to be made to satisfy the thirst of the people.
And so they dug wells where the camels stuck the sand with their hind legs, and where the last tears of dying infants fell on the scorching earth - but the waters would not flow.
It was then that the great Nezeb opened his heart to sacred wisdom and perceived water in the depths of a wind-swept dune. Our people dug a well and water flowed freely onto the sands of the desert. The Xadaganian people then quenched their mighty thirst and continued their journey to greatness."
To connect with Nezeb's experience, pilgrims must enter the water. However, this alone is not enough - they have to fight for it. That well does not exist anymore - many years have passed since those times. However, we do have an underground reservoir. Descend into the depths and kill ten of the snakes that live there for the glory of Nezeb.


Kill 10 Reservoir Rattlers and report to Yana Vodina.



The Reservoir Rattlers can be found in the Underground in Bort Quarter. Once you're at the entrance, continue left till you see a huge hangar with stairs leading downstairs.