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Nezeb's Third Feat
Start Agata Mestina
End Agata Mestina
Level 5 (Req. 5)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 638
Reputation 500 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards 2s 93c
"And when the Xadaganian people finally escaped the barren desert, their souls danced with joy. But this joy was short-lived, for all of the fruitful lands were already home to the Kanians.
The greed of the Kanians prevented the Xadaganian people from building their own cities and plowing their own fields. The Kanians dreamt only of sending their fellow humans back to the desert to be eaten by jackals.
And it was then that the great Nezeb opened his heart to righteous justice and fought the malevolent Kanians. Their cries were heard throughout the fields and forests and they fled in humiliation. And so the Xadaganians built their cities and began their ascent towards greatness."
In order to imitate this great deed, the Kanians will be represented by the undead that the Tep cultists raised in the nearby catacombs. At least those monsters turned out be good for something!


Destroy 12 Cursed Warriors and 5 Cursed Spellbinders and report back to Agata Mestina.