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No Room for Error
Start Veleslav Kapishev
End Veleslav Kapishev
Level 18 (Req. 16)
Category Darkwater
Experience +1680
Reputation 250 Kanians
Rewards 19s 82c


Thoughtful Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, has prepared an antidote for every poison. Take snakes and spiders, for example. Do you think they are of no benefit? And you would be wrong if you did! Their poison is an excellent antidote. If taken in small doses, one can build up an immunity to it and then never fear poisoning again.


Collect 5 Poisonous Spider Glands and 5 Poisonous Snake Glands for Vereslav Kapishev.




Use the "Paralysing Staff" on snake or spider when they below < 30% Health. After that use another item called "Poison Remover". These 2 items must be in your bag as soon as you accept the quest. The gland will be looted after you use "Poison Remover on snake or spider.