Quest:Origin of Wormfaced Creatures

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Origin of Wormfaced Creatures
Start Vir-Gar
End Vir-Gar
Level 37
Category Avilon
Experience 940
Reputation 100 Historians
Rewards 47 Silver.png
Previous Control Sample
Soil particles discovered under creatures' claws. Theory - creature resides underground. Suggestion - check accessible territory. Loading updated geographic data...
Communication with creators lost - updates inaccessible. Subordinate machine is to search creatures' surrounding locations. Check for subterranean passages, and report results to Vir-Gar machine.


Drill in 6 Strange Soil mounds and report the results to Vir-Gar.


Final assessment of wormface population completed. Creature are aggressive and hostile. Origin - uncertain. Mode of life - unknown. Much time spent in hibernation underground. Reason for awakening - foreign influence. Subject to termination.



The Strange Soil mounds are located north of Western Horn. Each time you interact with one, a Wormface will spawn and attack you:

Strange Soil mound.jpg
Strange Soil mound
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