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Empire Title.png
Start Igor Pilkin
End Igor Pilkin
Level 5 (Req. 5)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 375
Reputation 1000 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards 1s 72c
All new arrivals to the heart of our great, powerful, and eternal Empire must prove... quiet down, people!..., must prove their alleigiance to Nezeb! There are five memorials in the city which commemorate the great deeds of the great Nezeb.
Simply visiting them is not enough, however! You must personally connect with the experience of the great Nezeb, andtake at least one step down his path in an attempt to imitate his heroism.
The memorial guardians will provide further details. Once you have visited each memorial and collected five Marks of a Pilgrim come back for your registration. And remember, until you're registered you can only stay in the city for three days! Next!


Complete the pilgrimage to all five of the Nezeb Memorials and return to Igor Pisakin.



To complete the pilgrimage to memorials, you must complete the quests given to you by the Guardian of the specific memorial, (e.g The Guardian of the Third Memorial), once you have completed them all, then the quest is completed.The first memorial is in the place you come to, once you have finished Underground, (with such quests as killing Sewer Rats and Sewer Slugs with the Pyschometer). The second memorial is in Bort Quarter. The third memorial is in Hadron Quarter. The fourth memorial is in Izune. The fifth and last memorial is in Victory Park.