Empire Title
Placing the Emblems
Start Stepan Velikanin
End Stepan Velikanin
Level 5 (Req. 5)
Category Nezebgrad
Rewards 52Copper
I'm gonna find out who wrote that monstrous notice pretending to be me. All of my other business is going on the backburner until whoever is responsible for this pays! I've got one more thing to worry about though…
Nobody in the area can know about Slouch's death. You caused this problem, so you'll have to deal with it! I had a pack of Black Hyena emblems around here somewhere… Let me find them… They opened up a secret printing shop last week… Here they are!
Post them on the street lamps around the Nezeb Memorial to create the appearance of gang activity. The last thing we want is gangs from other areas finding out Slouch is gone and fighting over this territory!


Place 5 Black Hyena Emblems around the First Nezeb Memorial for Stepan Velikanin.


Good, good. My agents have already informed me that Kostlyavy's bandits have been spotted in our area. The bastards thought they found easy pickings but now that they've seen the emblems they'll go back to the dump they crawled out of. Let them rot in their hole… far away from here!


  • 52Copper


In Old Square there are lamp posts, around the memorial. You can place the emblems on these by pressing "Z".

Items that can be activated usually look like they are blinking on and off slightly, or you can press "T" to make them appear highlighted.

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