League Title
Poachers in the Way of Progress
Start Taras Witte
End Taras Witte
Level 12
Category Siveria
Experience 660
Reputation 1000 Molotovka Traders
Rewards Merchant's Thermal Cape or Pioneer's Layered Coat or Merchant's Shagreen Doublet
9Silver 64Copper
Repeatable No
Next A Heart-to-Heart

Poachers in the Way of Progress is a quest given by Taras Witte in Molotova. Your objective is to kill 8 Waterfolk Poachers, 5 Waterfolk Witches and their leader, Illyar.


You will find your objectives wandering around the lake downhill from Molotovka. They are neutral like many other creatures in the area, but watch out - if other Waterfolk members come too close while you are batteling their kin, they will attack also. This is especially important to remember when you get to killing Illyar. He is located on the island in the middle of the lake, and you should thread carefully to not aggro too many at the time. A tip is to kill those surrounding on the greater part of the ice flake first, then attack Illyar as those on his part of the island are away from him. Return to Taras Witte for your reward when all are killed.

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