Neutral Title
Potential Threat
Start Vir-Gar
End Vir-Gar
Level 37
Category Avilon
Experience 940
Reputation 100 Historians
Rewards 47Silver
Previous Control Sample
Next Analysis Complete
Specimen analysis complete. Unknown creature, no match in data base. Creature is aggressive with well developed claws. Potential threat level on a one-to-ten scale is eight.
Suggestion - destroy ten specimen to ensure safety of Creators. Subordinate machine is assigned mission to liquidate wormfaced creatures.


Kill 10 Wormfaces and report back to Vir-Gar.


Received report on destroyed wormfaced creatures.
Subordinate machine completed mission. Report will be made to Creators upon discovery thereof. Resuming analysis of geopolitical scene in background mode. Creators not found, continuing search. Standby...



You need to be controlling a golem while you kill the Wormfaces for this quest.

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