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Power of Martyr
Start Anastasia Yahontova
End Anastasia Yahontova
Level 4
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 175
Rewards 7 Incense
Let me introduce myself - Anastasia Yahontova. On Clement's Isle I helped all newcomers to get support in this life, prepare for the upcoming trials. That's what I want to do now.
To begin with - a bit of history.
When Astral wave covered Sarnaut and started eating the world, Creat Mages were the only ones who could resist Cataclysm. But Power and Knowledge must be paid! Twelve brave men gave their lives to protect this world. This was in vain! They are still with us, giving patronage, they are ready to give part of their power to those who wants their help.
That's what I want to offer you. We can hold the initiation ritual right here.
Take it. This is Astral dust piece. Go southwards to the June stele. Scatter it there. And... accept the power and get the Martyr.
Wait, One more thing!
Appealing to the power of Twelve Great Martyrs, you will have to unwillingly disturb Astral. Astral demon will appear. Your target is to defeat him. I'm sure you'll succeed.


June stele

Scatter Astral dust near June stele on the shore. Defeat the appeared Astral demon. Report to Anastasia Yahontova.


So the ritual is finished!
From now on the power of your martyr will be with you. You can appeal to him when you're in danger using perfumes that I give you. And he will help you.
Who knows, maybe you will have the honor to get the higher ranks of Patronage and your power will increase.


  • 7 Incense (1-day duration each)
  • 175 Experience
  • 60c


This quest reveals your patron Martyr. You will be able to use Incense and Runes.

There can only be one demon summoned, so when there are other players doing this quest you will have to wait until they kill theirs.

You can't attack the demon for a few seconds after it's summoned. Other players can steal it in which case you won't get credit for the quest (griefing is rather common at this spot).

The Incense that you receive from this quest is bind-on-pickup, so you can't give it to other players. Additionally, it doesn't expire after 7 days, so you can stash it for a while if you like.

If you forget to do this quest,you can receive your Patronage in Novograd, by talking to Marianne de Ardeur in the church.