League Title
Preparing for Initiation
Start Feodor Vetrov
End Feodor Vetrov
Level 15 (Req. 15)
Category Siveria
Experience 625
Rewards Everfrost Shirt or Neophyte's Bracers
11Silver 88Copper
Next Initiation Ritual
Greetings. By now you've probably heard whispers of our Twelve Great Martyrs who gave their lives for the good of our people. If not for them, the Astral demons would have conquered all of Sarnaut.
The Martyrs may have left this world, but their magic remains and it is possible to gain the blessing and power of a Martyr. Everyone who wishes to obtain a patronage must first pass an initiation ceremony, which begins by gathering Astral Dust.


Gather the Astral Dust from 12 Will-o'-the-Wisps in the surrounding areas.


Wonderful! Now, to move on to the next phase...


  • Everfrost Shirt or Neophyte's Bracers
  • 625 Experience
  • 11Silver 88Copper


Kill the nearby Will-o'-the-Wisps until you find 12 pieces of Astral Dust.

This quest chain will allow you to gain the second level of Patronage.

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