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Preparing for the Championship
Start Wrokag the Northwind
End Wrokag the Northwind
Level 7 (Req. 7)
Rewards Confetti
1s 26c
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What do you know about Goblinball? Only a little? Well it just so happens to be the national sport of the Orcs!
I won't lie - all these new-fangled things aren't for me. The Orcs have to hold on to their roots! But you can't stand in the way of progress I suppose.
There's going to be a Goblinball championship soon. A new stadium is under construction on the Wild Isles for it to be held in. The shaman team is playing and I'm sure they'll win!
Right now I've got a task for you to do. We've got to prepare the whole Empire for the upcoming championship. That's why I'm asking you to hang these Orcish flags on the flagpoles surrounding Yasker's Tower. Get going!


Hang 6 Orcish Flags on the flagpoles surrounding Yasker's Tower and report to Wrokag the Northwind when you are done.

IMD stands for "Igsh Military District"


Let the flags fly from every corner! Let the Empire remember whose blood has purchased our victory
Good job! I'm sure there will be a huge turnout at the Championship this year.


  • 1s 26c
  • Confetti


Like the description says they're located around the building. They're the posts with the metal circle crosses. To see the original comment click here.