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Prohibited Literature
Start Pavel Bogdanov
End Pavel Bogdanov
Level 5 (Req. 5)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 375
Reputation 250 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards 1s 72c
Database Allodsdatabase.png
A rather confidential matter has arisen.
The police searched a house and discovered, among other things, a page from a magazine...a League magazine! The page showed a female Elf! But that wasn't the half of it! She was... you know... in her birthday suit! That's right! The Orcs love that kind of thing, as you'd expect from uneducated barbarians!
No, I can't show you the page - my superiors confiscated it for their investigation. Our job is simple - catch the smugglers who are muddying the waters with this filth. It is said that they have a warehouse near the underground reservoir. Find the warehouse and bring me three samples of this contraband.


Collect 3 contraband samples for Pavel Bogdanov, the Chief of Customs.



The Contraband Samples are located in the Underground, in Bort Quarter. From the entrance to Bort, continue to your left until you see a huge hangar, it should have stairs leading downstairs. Once you are underground, head through the northern entryway. (There are two similar entryways, one leads to the smugglers and the other to Bottomless Maw, a crocodile boss). In the room furthest back, filled with smugglers, are several large stacks of books. Loot the books for the Contraband Samples.