Empire Title
Psychometer Testing 2
Start Sarang Ti
End Sarang Ti
Level Unknown
Category Nezebgrad
I would like to challange my colleague's arguments. I believe that subject 69 - you, in other words - should be placed in an environment that is identical to that which helped acheive a positive result. The League's weaklings are no good because they're not a threat to you.
I'm sure that sewer rats would be a perfect solution. They are not captives, they're aggressive, and they're close by. Subject 69, search the sewers for rats and kill, say, 8 of them. I'm sure the Psychometer will record the response we require.


Kill 8 Sewer Rats while the Psychometer is in your backpack.




  • Lab Worker's Pestle Lab Worker's Bindings
  • 1Silver 38Copper
  • Minor Potion of Power
  • 600 Experience
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