Empire Title
Psychometer Testing 3
Start Sarang Ti
End Martha Convultina
Level 3
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 560
Reputation 500 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards Lab Worker's Rawhide Belt or Lab Worker's Sackcloth Belt
Previous Psychometer Testing 2
Next Teleporter Test
Database Allodsdatabase.png
We just started our research and they're taking you away already! Things never change, real scienctists are always last in the pecking order.
However, I hope you understand how important the Salvation project is for the empire! I also hope you understand the nobody except us, the portal creators, understands how it works. We managed to achever success as early as the 69th test subject! How do you like that? Do you know anyone else in the Empire with that sort of success rate? Didn't think so!
Please don't take the Psychometer out of your backpack. You're bound to have more than a few fights in this town and you'll reach the right emotional state at some point. For example, when you climb out of the sewers you'll encounter some pale slugs. Kill 8 of them and then show the device to Martha Izvilinna of the City Council. She might not be one of us, but she'll be able to take down Psychometer readings nonetheless. I hope she can, anyhow.


Kill 8 Sewer Slugs while the Psyhometer is in your backpack and report to Martha Convolutina of the City Council.


Ah, another crazy device… Show me!
No, the Psychometer isn't registering anything. Does it even work? I don't trust those scrawny engineers much. They talk a lot but they don't do very much.
Don't worry, not all scientific experiments are successful. And a negative outcome gives us helpful information, too. Here's a reward for your efforts.
Now let's continue with this project.



Lab Worker's Rawhide Belt OR Lab Worker's Sackcloth Belt

  • 95Silver
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