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Putting it All on the Line
Start Vakula
End Pavel Isaev
Level 9
Category Lightwood
Experience 600
Reputation 1000 Novograd Construction Council
Rewards Special Issue Scout's Coat or
Scout's Dress Boots or
Sturdy Enforcer's Vest
6s 96c
Previous Challenged to a Duel
Listen up. We don't want to hurt you - we just want to be left alone to live quietly in the woods...


Defeat the werewolf leader and report your findings to the Detective Bureau.


I recall the day you first appeared at our headquarters with gratitude. In addition to the Dead Thicket being cleansed of filth, we've also made another smidgen of truth clear.
The nobles, eh... Yes, for some people, the changes in Kania are not to their liking, some are displeased with our alliance with the Elves and Gibberlings. Nevermind, we'll stamp these dregs out.



Vakula will attack you after you accept the quest.

This quest is the end of the first part of the The Kanian Rebellion World Mystery