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Rats in the Warehouse
Start Timur Korobkin
End Timur Korobkin
Level 6
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 80
Reputation 1000 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards 5 Flimsy Bandage
Repeatable Yes
Database Allodsdatabase.png
Damn the day I agreed to become the supervisor of these warehouses! I get complaints all day long!
One guy says rats ate hat his grandma made fot him, and another reckons they ate his iron stature. What a liar! He probably sold it at the auction house and now he wants to blame it on rats.
The trouble is that I can't argue because we really do have a rat infestation. They'll eat anything they can get their dirty little teeth on.
If only we could all join forces and eliminate the rats once and for all... All it would take is for every citizen to kill just a few, and they'd be gone! Let's start with you! Kill me ten rats, one for you and one for nine other citizens that refuse to help.


Kill 10 Voracious Rats and return to Timur Korobkin.


Let's see, that's three sent down to the warehouse, which means thirty rats elminated so far... Hopefully I'll be able to kill the things off faster than they can breed!



  • 80 XP
  • 5 Flimsy Bandage