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Empire Title.png
Registration in the Capital
Start Oleg Truthin
End Yegor Pisakin
Level 5
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 150
Reputation 100 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards 34c
Previous Don't Talk Too Much!
Next Pilgrimage
Database Allodsdatabase.png
I'll be honest with you. The Kanian attack was no accident. There is a rat somewhere at the heart of the Empire. We need to find them and make an example of them.
The Council has recently come up with a plan and your involvement is of the utmost important. You see, the results of Project Salvation are to be made public. Tomorrow the media and our propaganda services will spread the news that the portal was successfully tested.
The story will include your photo and the Imperial traitor will be bound to take an interest in you. That'll lead him right to us! By the way, you don't have a choice in this matter - this is an order! We all serve the Empire, each in our fashion.
For now, blend in with the crowd and try to become an ordinary citizen. Oh, by the way, all new arrivals to Nezebgrad must register with the Passport Official. I permit you to do this on a priority basis and skip the queue.


Talk to Igor Pisakin of the City Council.


Calm down please, calm down! You'll all get your turn!

Quiet, woman, I can't hear anything! Where do you think you're going? Whose elbow is this? Oh, Major Truthin sent you… Okay, I'll give you a quick summary of what's going on.


  • 34c