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Regular Customers
Start Semer Nemer
End Semer Nemer
Level 16 (Req. 15)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 130
Rewards Incense
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Now that you know all about runes I want to ask you for help. I have a number of regular customers who I rebuild broken runes for. These runes are usually in a very delicate state, and for that reason I cannot trust the regular postal service to deliver them to me.
Running all over Nezebgrad is also out of the question - at least for me. That's where you come in! I want you to collect five broken runes from my customers and personally deliver them to me. In exchange I will give you one incense.
My customers are Sarang Ahhotep at the Boiler Camp, Strongaxe the Righteous in the Astral Quarter, Yasskul Userhet at the Nezebgrad Port, Sino the Merciless at the Imperial Training Camp, and Larisa Nevolina at the Termitka Prison.


Collect 5 Broken Runes and deliver them to Semer Nemer.


Restoring the runes is easy. Trekking all over Nezebgrad is the hard part!
Thank you again. If you need more incense come back tomorrow and I'll have some more work for you!


  • 2c
  • 130 Experience
  • Incense (24 hours)
  • Capitan's Letter of Marque


For the completion of this quest you need to visit the following people (NPC's):


Regular customers map.png
Regular customers map 2.png
Regular customer map 3.png