League Title
Regular Customers
Start Mysterious Family
End Mysterious Family
Level 15 (Req. 15)
Category Lightwood
Experience 130
Rewards 50 Drops of Myrrh
Repeatable Daily
Previous Lesson Three:Combining Runes
Now that you know all about runes we want to ask you for help. We have a number of regular customers who we rebuild broken runes for. These runes are usualy in a very delicate state, and for that reason we cannot trust the regular postal service to deliver them.
Running all over Nezebgrad is also out of the question - at least for us. That's where you come in! I want you to collect five broken runes from our customers and personally deliver them to us. In exchange we'll give you one Incense Cone.
Our customers are Michelle de Grandeur at Big Stones, Shur Diamondev near the Southern Birchwoods, Bogdan Lyutikov near the White Lake, the Thoughtful Family in Gravestein, and Frederic de Grandeur at the Cape of Good Hope.


Collect the five Broken Runes and deliver them to the Mysterious Family.


Having regular customers is great! It's nice to have a secure income.



You need to complete the previous quests to unlock this repeatable quest. After that, this quest will be available to you every day. This quest used to have Incense as quest reward, before the 1.1 patch.

The Family mentions Nezebgrad, but you actually have to go to Lightwood and Siveria. It's possible that the map is bugged as well and doesn't show the locations of the NPCs, so click on the following links to see their locations:

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