League Title
Search for the Ancient Ruins
Start Alfred de Delice
End Alfred de Delice
Level 1 (Req. 4)
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 600

Note: This quest appears to have been removed from the game.

The scouts noticed some strange structures on the western shore while they were exploring the allod. They said they looked like ancient June ruins. Those things are always overflowing with magic, even after thousands of years! You must understand that to us, stranded as we are, we must investigate anything that could be useful.
I need you to find the ruins and inspect them. Pay attention to every little detail, and look under every single rock! Report back on anything you find. Hopefully you'll find something amazing that will get us off this allod.


Find the hidden treasure on the western shore and report your success to Alfred de Delice.


A chest? I would have preferred if you had found an ancient June relic, but I suppose a chest is good too. Now put the contents to good use and help us find a way off this allod!


  • 600 Experience


This quest leads you to the Mysterious Treasure quest. Once you find the treasure, talk to Alfred de Delice.

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