League Title
Searching for the Elven Wizard
Start Pierre de Desirae
End Yaroslav Rakov
Level Unknown
Category Lightwood
Experience 100
Reputation 100 Elves
Rewards 1Silver 16Copper
Previous The Bandit's Story
Next The Guard's Story
We can't allow bandits to kidnap Elves - it completely undermines our authority.
Go to the quarries and find Antoine de Vevre. If he is still alive of course.
As for the "N" puzzle, we'll come back to it later, once we're done with our current task.


Find out what happened to the elven wizard, Antoine de Vevre, at the quarries.


An elven wizard? My, of course I've seen him. Something really interesting happened to him.


  • 100 Elves Reputation
  • 100 Experience
  • 1Silver 16Copper


Go to the Big Stones area and talk to Yaroslav Rakov.

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