League Title
Searching The Ruins
Start Luchezar Popov
End Luchezar Popov
Level 20 (Req. 18)
Category Darkwater
Experience 900
Reputation 250 Kanians
Rewards Pastor's Cloth Breeches or Pastor's Satin Waistband or Servant's Leather Boots or Defender's Leather Waistband
11Silver 88Copper
Next The Competitor

Searching The Ruins is a quest given by Luchezar Popov in Valir Settlement. You are to obtain 10 June Mage's Tablets from the Kudykin Altar in the far east from the settlement.


When you go to the location, you will find large, square blocks scattered over the grass plain around the altar. Watch out for the many Swamp Bats (Level 19/20) that flies around you. You obtain the June Mage's Tablets from interacting with these blocks.

This quest goes well together with the quest The Wonderloaf (Level 20)'

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