Empire Title
Souvenir from the Dead Sea
Start Alexey Sinitsyn
End Alexey Sinitsyn
Level 17 (Req. Unknown)
Category Dead Sea
Experience 540
Rewards * Bracers of the Scavenger or Gloves of the Scavenger or Boots of the Scavenger or Handguards of the Scavenger
11Silver 88Copper
Amazing! These carp adore centipede legs! That a pity that there is only one little lake. I bet this area was once full of tons of wonderful fish! You're a land lubber, and I'm sure you don't understand, but when the Dead Sea was still alive there were some fascinating species here.
I once found the remains of a huge crosspyterian fish, but there were snakes all around it! They were like creatures from the nightmare. I've been terrified of snakes since my childhood, they give me the shakes!
Hey, I was thinking, how great would it be if I had the head of that fish! I could go back to my ship, hang it on the captain's bridge, and make the entire Imperial fleet green with envy. What do you think? I hope you're not scared of snakes? Can you bring me this head? I'll reward you well for your efforts!


Bring the Skull of an Ancient Fish to Alexey Sinitsyn.


Look at that ugly face! You and I are the first people in all Sernaut to see such a beast, no doubt about it.



You can find fish skeleton just a bit on left from entrance to Mana Station

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