Empire Title
Supplies for the Game
Start Reva the Roughneck
End Reva the Roughneck
Level 5 (Req. 5)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 375
Reputation 250 Orcs
Rewards 1Silver 72Copper
Go warriors, go warriors, go warrirs! Hello! Why the long face? No ticket? Well, you should plan ahead next time!
What? You don't know about the tickets? You don't know about the tournament? How is that possible? A Goblinball tournament is going to take place in the Wild Isles in the new stadium this week. The best teams will come together to compete! I can't wait!
I'm the head cheerleader and we're supporting our fellas, the warriors! They'll show those ridiculous shamans who the real Orcs are!
We've got a little problem, though - according to the new rules, fans can't take any weapons into the stadium. We tried to protest but the officials said the orders came right from the top!
There's a solution, though. See those pine trees near Yasker's Tower? Their cones are real heavy, and they hurt almost as much as a rock... are you following me?
If you want to help our team, bring me twenty heavy pine cones. I'll throw them at the shaman players and every time one hits, you'll know you've played your part in our victory!


Collect 20 Heavy Pine Cones for Reva the Roughneck.


To collect the Supplies you need Pinecones. They are available from the trees around Yasker's Tower. To 'see' these trees, press 'T' and highlighted objects will show up, more clearly. Collect all 20 to complete the quest.


  • 1Silver 72Copper
  • 375 Experience
  • 250 Orcs Reputation

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