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League Title.png
Start Svetobor Ratnev
End Glok the Knife
Level 2
Category Clement's Tower
Experience 480
Previous Boris Hopelesaev
Next Elixir of Invulnerability
Database Allodsdatabase.png
Rookie, this is my final order! Survive! Do you hear me?! Survive, whatever it takes! You must reach Kania and tell the League what has happened here.
Access to the stairwell is blocked, you'll have to jump down below. Be careful though, the rebels are stuck in the same room.
Avenge us... the Hopelesaev brothers, Clement, all those who have died in this travesty.
Go... I will remain with Boris. We've served our years together for the league army, perhaps we shall appear before the Holy Tensess together as well.


Kirill Meshersky
Kanian Traitor

Slay the Kanian rebels and speak to Glok the Knife.


I'm glad you showed up!


You were wonderful out there! Rookie huh? Didn't look like one to me.

Please tell me what is happening out there. One moment I'm helping prepare the banquet and the next moment all hell breaks loose.

We need to teleport off this allod, but the rebels are fighting us near the tower, they won't let us anywhere near the portal.




  • You have to drop through the hole in the floor.