League Title
That Damned Zoo
Start Boris Hopelesaev
End Boris Hopelesaev
Level 1
Category Clement's Tower
Experience 275
Previous Boris Hopelesaev
Next Report to Svetobor Ratnev
Database Allodsdatabase.png
Is the Great Mage dead?! Impossible!
This Allod will crumble! Listen... in the next room is even more of Clemente de Desirae's experiments. A few guards were sent down here to contain them from the blast, but Meshersky released the violent Mantikora. Among the guards was my brother Leshko... my younger brother... he was in that room to help contain the beast. If you find my brother Leshko please bring him to the portal...
Leshko has to be there... it's hard to imagine that the unthinkable has already happened.
Go into that damned zoo and kill the Mantikora. Please find out what has become my brother!


Go to the zoo, kill the Monster, and find out the fate of that monster.


...O Great Light, abandon me not with your mercy, grant me redemption and just retribution...

Ah, it's you... Where's Leshko?


Where's Leshko?... Dead? I... at least now I know that I'll be joining my brother soon.

That damned Kurbat! I've never trusted those nobles! They need to be dealt with before it's too late!