League Title
The Basics of Mining: The First Step
Start Gloomy Family
End Gloomy Family
Level 5
Category Novograd
Reputation 250 League Suppliers' Guild
Rewards 36Copper
Next The Basics of Mining: The Second Step
There is no such thing as a free lunch.
Everything costs money and everyone needs money. We're no different. That's why we teach our skills to those who want to learn them here in Novograd. And we're paid for it. Three times as much as others. Per trainee. And everyone who trains with us must bring us a small portion of mining materials as an additional fee.
You say you don't have any yet? Well, there are plenty of rock chips around Novograd that would do, I suppose. How about you bring us thirteen rock chips and we'll give you one free piece of advice. Deal?


Bring 13 Rock Chips to the Gloomy Family.


So, I can see that you completed your part of the deal. Now it's our turn.
Our advise is simple. Never advise anyone to be a miner! Quite opposite! You should discourage them! Cough, complain of the dust, show the scars you received from fighting monsters...
Remember that mining can make you rich! And if everyone takes up this trade, there will be unprecedented competition! And that's just awful!



This tutorial quest allows you to quickly gain a few skill points in the Mining profession.

The Rock Chips can be found right next to the trainer. You need to purchase a Mining Pick to gather them.

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