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The Basics of Mining: The Second Step
Start Gloomy Family
End Curious Family
Level 5
Category Lightwood
Reputation 250 League Suppliers' Guild
Rewards 36c
Previous The Basics of Mining: The First Step
Next The Basics of Mining: The Third Step
Are you still here? You don't think you're ready to start running around the mountains, eh? Hm... Well, I know a way you can go get more experience.
Some of my disciples went off to the foothills near the Eastern Sawmill. They're confident that the area is full of mithril deposits. They don't want to listen to the advice of their elders and are determined to go their own way. They must be taught a lesson!
Go seek out the Curious family and dig all around them. You'll probably find nothing but gob and gravel, but that's a good thing. Show it to them to rid them of their illusions.


Bring 13 handfuls of Gob and 13 handfuls of Gravel to the Curious Family.


What's this? You only found worthless rubble? Hm... maybe the Gloomy Family was right. We shouldn't expect to find valuable ore that easily.



This tutorial quest allows you to quickly gain a few skill points in the Mining profession.

The Gob and Gravel can be gathered near the Curious Family.