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League Title.png
The Basics of Mining: The Third Step
Start Curious Family
End Burrow Family
Level 5
Category Lightwood
Reputation 250 League Suppliers' Guild
Rewards 36c
Previous The Basics of Mining: The Second Step
We must return to Novograd and confess our failure to the Gloomy Family. It looks like we need to learn a bit more before we're successful miners.
If you feel like practicing your mining a bit more, you should probably go see the Burrow Family. Apparently they failed even worse than we did, and for that reason the Gloomy Family banished them from Novograd until they find something valuable.
They've been digging around the lake lately with no luck. I'm sure they'd be very grateful if you could help them out!


Bring 13 Hawkeyes and 13 handfuls of Cat's Eyes to the Burrow Family.


This is exactly what we need! Oh, thank you so much! Now we can go back to Novograd. Please don't tell the Gloomy Family that you helped us finish our task. In fact, I'd advise you to avoid them entirely - you shouldn't need any more lessons in mining now and they're horrible grumps!



This tutorial quest allows you to quickly gain a few skill points in the Mining profession.

The materials can be gathered near the Burrow Family.