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League Title.png
The Battle for the Nautilus
Start The Nameless One
End The Nameless One
Level 1 (Req. 4)
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 320
Rewards Cloth Robe or Leather Shirt or Leather Pants
1s 92c
Previous The Access Crystal
Next Forgotten Magic
This choice is completely tearing me apart! It's putting your life on the line by taking out these delinquents versus keeping my pledge.
I'm sorry, but right now the former means more to me.
We'll have to board the ship and in order to do that we'll need the crystal you plucked from a mutineer earlier.
These outlaws are led by a druid whose terrifying pet polar bear is almost always by his side, they'll be carrying a sacrificial dagger and an ancient June cup. Those two are the core of this gang and your key target. Your other target is their Navigator, she'll have an obsidian rod.
With those three gone, these criminals will easily be crushed! When you're done, bring these items back to me and I will help you and your friends leave this allod.


Bring the The Nameless One his artifacts.


So the menace is done with... Now it is time for you to leave my allod. First you must choose your reward.


  • Cloth Robe or Leather Shirt or Leather Pants
  • 200 Experience (level 5)
  • 1s 92c


To jump on the ship, get on the circular blue platform and press the Z key (for some it's Y).

Berest Northlander is upstairs, the Sacrificial dagger is in the chest behind him.

Miroslava Leshinskaya (The Navigator) is on the first floor downstairs, the Rod is in a chest behind her.

The polar bear is on the bottom of the ship, the stairs leading to him are near the Navigator. The June cup is in a chest behind him.