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The Bear Totem
Start Demian Molotov
End Demian Molotov
Level 13
Category Siveria
Experience 862
Reputation 1000 Molotovka Traders
Rewards Missionary's Blessed Fur Breeches or Merchant's Thermal Breeches or Pilgrim's Fur Braces
13s 97c
Previous A Heart-to-Heart
Next A Strange Helmet
Drifting Down the Stream

The Bear Token is a quest given by Demian Molotov in Molotovka. Your objective is to gather 10 bear heads and bundle them, plant the bundle under the totem in the goblin camp on the south shore of the Salt Lake and search the Orc Shaman Corpse.


You start by killing Taiga bears (level 12/13) until you have collected 10 heads, which are found with the loot. Taiga bears can be found on the Taiga glen, or the northernmost bank of the river going from Molotovka to the Salt Lake. When you have got all 10, right click the rope provided by the quest giver. Now swim or run down river until you reach the Salt Lake. Go up on the south side of the lake (it's not the one by the lake), and go all the way up to the south-western corner of the map. After fighting your way through the camp, you will find a bauta on the left of the innermost hut. Interact with this totem by pushing it or z in order to hang the bear head buntle. Two orc shamans will spawn the moment you're done hanging them. Kill these, and loot them ("search them", in terms of what the quest tells you to do). One of them will include a quest item, Ermolai's Helmet. Right click this helmet, and you will get a new quest, A Strange Helmet. You are done with this quest, and can hand it in to Demian Motolov.