Neutral Title
The Curse of the Astral
Start Zosim Nikulin
End Zosim Nikulin
Level 33
Category Eljune
Previous Connecting with a Martyr
Now you shall prove to your patron that you are not only pure of soul, but also determined to fight the dark influence of the Astral - just as he did. Take this clot of Dark Astral Energy - it has been influenced by the holy powers of the runes that you brought me, and its power is beginning to fade.
At the Edge of Eternal Night there is a large Astral crystal on the far western part of the shore. There the energy of the Astral is very strong. Focus on your faith, and the demons will begin to sense that their power is being challenged. Then one of them will undoubtedly challenge you for committing such an act.
Your patron will also sense what you are doing, and with watch with approval as you battle their age-old enemy. Then you shall be given another level of patronage, so that you may continue your crusade against the evil the Astral holds.


Summon a Enraged Demon Mage at the Edge of Eternal Night with the Clot of Dark Astral Energy and return to Zosim Nikulin.


I had no doubt that you would succeed. As soon as I met you I could tell that you had a pure heart and an iron resolve. With your new level of patronage, you should be a formidable weapon against the demons.


By completing this quest you obtain the Fourth Level of Patronage.

While on this quest, you will have a special buff that draws the attention of your patron. As a result, small demons will be occasionally summoned and will attack you.

Go to the Astral crystal and right-click on the Clot in your inventory. Kill the Level 33 demon that will immediately appear.

Astral crystal patronage2

Astral crystal

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