League Title
The Demonic Threat
Start Unknown
End Lovewise Catfish
Level 1
Experience 6
Rewards Mysterious Ruby

This World Mystery may be bugged in some versions of the game. It is possible to complete at least 85% at the moment of writing this article, though.

Who are they, these devils of darkness? The Astral predators that seek to destroy the world, sowing terror and death? Are they creatures from another world? Or new monsters born from Astral mutations? This mystery will continue to plague the inhabitants of Sarnaut until it is solved.
Allods world mystery book It's a known fact that an Astral demon can't survive outside of the Astral for very long. When they lose touch with their native element, they begin to weaken. But that was only until recently. Why have they changed? Did they... evolve?
Allods world mystery book Some people are now doubting that the victory from the Great Astral Campaign is complete. Is the battle still not over? Does the demonic threat persist?
Allods world mystery book The Demon Hunters don't want to believe that the demons have been defeated. Are they right? Or could it be a ploy to keep the Demon Hunters from losing their influence after the end of the Great Astral Campaign?
Allods world mystery book Tensess, the fallen Great Mage, has called upon the League and the Empire to unite in the war against the demons. He has warned that the Great Astral Campaign is not yet complete and that there is much work to be done.
Allods world mystery book The veterans of the Great Astral Campaign have agreed with Tensess and are ready to unite once again. A new city full of demons have been discovered on Yazes Shard and it appears that they're planning another invasion. They must be stopped before they can get the first strike!
Allods world mystery book The way to Gorluxor's Tower is finally clear. It's now possible to strike at the very heart of the enemy! But who's the one leading these monsters? Now the answer to the most important question must be uncovered - "Why?"
Allods world mystery book



  • 1 Mysterious Ruby (an additional Ruby for your talents grids)
  • 6 Experience

Quest Chain

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