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The Dragon's Treasure
Start Horn the Roughneck
End Horn the Roughneck
Level 37 (Req. 36-37)
Category Dragon Ring
Experience 980
Some of the boys have been talking about a treasure hidden on this allod. They keep saying that they're certain that one of those drakes is hiding some sort of amazing treasure.
Obviously, I can't let them go out looking for it. We need all the men you can get stationed out here. But I couldn't care less about what you do. Go find it. I heard it's somewhere on Drakefang Isle.


Find the hidden treasure on Drakefang Isle and report your success to Horn the Roughneck.


So it does exist. How about that...


  • 900 Experience


This quest prompts you to find the Legacy of Dragons repeatable quest that rewards you with an Adamantine Chest.