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The Experimental Teleporter
Start Igor Nochkin
End Nomarkh Amenemhat
Level 5 (Req. 4)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 75
Reputation 100 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards 34c
Previous Defeat the Crusader
Next Psychometer Testing 1
At last! Our experiment is successful! We should have a party tonight.
Before you, we had all kinds of problems. One time only an arm got teleported, another time just an ear, and once, even a... Ermm, never mind.
...What are you saying? An attack by a League ship? Trying to steal our technology? Where did they find out about our plans? Well, that's not really my concern, the Council can sort this out.
Today we are celebrating! Go to the portal's chief design engineer and report this. Maybe for once in my life I'll see a happy Arisen!


Talk to Nomarkh Amenemhat in the Sewers.


So, another experimental subject. That's number... sixty-nine. Let's write that down. Wow, you've still got your limbs and teeth on you!
Congratulations, you're involved in a secret project known as "Salvation". Our aim is to learn how to teleport Imperial soldiers to safety from right under the enemy's nose.
You are unique because you managed to retain all your physical and mental attributes after using the teleporter. In other words, you're the first to survive the process unharmed... But why? What makes you different from the previous sixty-eight subjects? That's the question!