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The Goblin Infestation
Start Unknown
End Semyon Shishkin
Level 5 (Req. 5)
Rewards 1s 4c
Hello! Would you like to work for the good of the Empire? I am a cartographer, and I'm putting together a detailed map of the city. Lately my work has come to a halt because of those goblins! The scoundrels are very cheeky - asking me for money for a city "pass" and threatening me.
Someone recommended that I talk with the "Black Hyenas" to solve this problem, claiming they'd be able to remove those jokers from my territory. Unfortunately, those bandits aren't much different from our bureaucrats - they're incredibly lazy!
They said to me, "You're a cartographer, you make maps, so give us a map showing where the goblins are and we'll eliminate them". Can you believe that?!
Let's do it like this - you walk around the neighborhood and find these goblins. Remember where their encampments are, tell me, and I will put them down on the map. Then I can give it to the Black Hyenas. They say that there are two groups of goblins operating here. Now go find them for me please.


Find the first and the second goblin encampments and report back to Semyon Shishkin.


Just look at what they did to the city! There's no escape from the goblins. It's time, oh yes, it's time to carry out a proper extermination and remove those nuisances from our capital once and for all!
Thank you! I'll give this information to the Black Hyena Leader as soon as possible. Then they'll show those goblins who the boss is!


The first Goblin Encampment can be found in Nezebgrad. It is located in the South East corner of the Old Square. The Second camp can be found South of the first Encampment. The easiest way to get to the Second Encampment is to leave the first one and turn left. From there the Second Encampment can be found a short distance away on the left.

To complete the quest all you have to do is run into (roughly) the center of the enclosed area