League Title
The Good Worts
Start Spekh Okhanov
End Spekh Okhanov
Level 1 (Req. 10)
Category Lightwood
Experience 100
Reputation Novograd Construction Council 250
Repeatable Yes
The citizens of Novograd have been feeling a little down lately. With the war going on and all these rebellions flaring up, we all have a good reason to be depressed.
I need you to find me a plant called St. John's Wort. It's great for depression! Gather ten leaves for me and hurry back! If you're not trained in herbalism, you can ask a friend or check the auction house.


Bring 10 leaves of Wilted St. John's Wort to Spekh Okhanov.


Great! This will do wonders for my - I mean, the people of Novograd's depression!


Only an herbalist can gather these herbs. If you are not an herbalist you can obtain from a friend or guildie or buy them from someone or auction house..

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