League Title
The Great Game
Start Unknown
End Lovewise Catfish
Level 1
Experience 6
Rewards Mysterious Ruby
The Great Game is a curious and complex pastime of the Elven houses where they play for power. To get that power a lot of players are willing to engage in criminal activities. Investigating and solving this problem could really help the League out.
Allods world mystery book Participating in the Great Game was certainly an interesting experience. Currently, the ruling House de Desirae is planning something, but it's impossible to know what it is...
Allods world mystery book Not much has been cleared up at all. All we know so far is that the House de Desirae, who had won the last Great Game, has accused the Elves of the de Doucer family of cheating. The de Doucer Elves have been disgraced, and the winners are doing everything in their power to persecute them.
Allods world mystery book While carrying out the Elves' task, you managed to witness a mysterious magic ritual in which the sculptor of the House de Doucer used some strange magic connected to the Astral. Could this be what the Elves of the House de Desirae warned you about? You should find a way to contact them.
Allods world mystery book The investigation has been completed. In an effort to win the Great Game, the Elves of the de Doucer Family resorted to making a bargain with Tep. This agreement not only bestowed the traitors with terrible powers, but caused a horrible curse to strike the Valir Castle.

From that point on, more misfortune continued to befall the League as their necromantic powers spun out of control. Thanks to your heroics, the destruction has been stopped.



  • 1 Mysterious Ruby (an additional Ruby for your talents grids)
  • 6 Experience

Quest Chain

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