League Title
The Guard's Story
Start Yaroslav Rakov
End Pierre de Desirae
Level Unknown
Category Lightwood
Experience 100
Reputation 100 Elves
Rewards Painted Leather Shirt or
Insignia-Emblazoned Tunic or
Rabbit Skin Gloves
1Silver 16Copper
Previous Searching for the Elven Wizard
Next Renegade Gibberlings
The rebels that took the elf guy? Oh yes, the ones who seized Oreshek...


Tell Pierre de Desirae that Antoine de Vevre has been taken to Oreshek Fortress.


An elven wizard in rebel hands? And there's no way to avoid informing the Detective Bureau. What a disgrace...
This cannot go on. We cannot permit the great art of magic to serve some degenerates. We have a new mission for you and a reward for your efforts.


  • Painted Leather Shirt, or Insignia-Emblazoned Tunic, or Rabbit Skin Gloves
  • 100 Elves Reputation
  • 100 Experience
  • 1Silver 16Copper
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