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The Heart of the Power Plant
Start Ilya Chernavin
End Elizaveta Rysina
Level 10 (Req. 10)
Rewards 1s 16c
The saboteurs have made their demands. They want prisoners released, the siege of Tensess Temple to be lifted, a chest of gold, and lots of other goodies.
Unfortunately, their demands are not just based on idle threats. As soon as the enemy seized the plant we shut down the Astral pipeline, but the plant itself has huge Astral reserves and if it blows… well, there wouldn't be much left of the capital, let alone this camp.
Yasker's policy is to not negotiate with saboteurs. That can only mean one thing - we have to launch a covert operation to neutralize the threat, and you'll be the one taking it on. Yes, you!
Oh, and the most important thing… let's move away, for what I'm about to say is for your ears only. Nezeb's Staff, the saboteurs, saving the city… they're not our main priority.
Don't look at me like that! Why do you think the XAES is secret? You think it's just a large power plant? No! Not at all! There's an artifact in the center of it. Its purpose is not your business, nor mine, but rescuing it is a matter of life and death!


Collect the Mysterious Artifact from the XAES and deliver it to Elizaveta Rysina, the Head of the City Council.


Please say the operation went smoothly, please! If that artifact is lost, Yasker won't let me hear the end of it!
Thank Nezeb! A great weight has been lifted from my shoulders!
Just remember, don't tell anyone about the artifact! Forget you ever heard of it or ever touched it! Fortunately the League doesn't know anything about our search, or the saboteurs would have seized it themselves! Fools! They started a massive operation to capture Nezeb's Staff but ignored the source of far greater power!
This is for you as a reward for your heroism and as a guarantee of your silence. Understood?


To get this quest you need to first complete quest from Ilya Chernavin that needs you to kill 6 League Spy and 6 League Operative,then talk to him and you get this quest.The 'Mysterious Artifact' is a large purple stone behind Afanasy Kudesov, the last boss in XAES. Simply right-click the stone or press 'Z' to collect.

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