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The Heart of the Ship
Start Sarang Kafiri
End Sarang Kafiri
Level 3
Category The Imperial Ship "Invincible"
Experience 780
Rewards Recruit's Wand or Recruit's Bow
Previous Maintaining Power
Next Kanian Thieves
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They're destroying the reactor, and without it we're doomed!
Some blasted Kanian cleric created a shield that's blocking our access to it. It's only a matter of time before they completely incapacitate the reactor! Do you see those fire elementals? Those damn Kanians probably summoned them there.
We have to destroy the shield! Take this neutralizer and join the other technicians in removing the cleric's shield. If you can destroy shield, kill those fire elementals at one!


Kill the Invading Fire Elementals
Break through the magical shield

Use the shield neutralizer to break through the magic shield blocking the way to the reactor and destroy the fire elementals. Then talk to Sarang Kafiri.


Those fire elementals make it pretty hot in here...


Perfect, the reactor is back under our control!

Here, take one of my weapons, I'll be too busy trying to fix the reactor anyways.

Oh no... the captain is going to kill me! One of the League Assault troops stole something very valuable from us!