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The Historian's Message
Start Sarang Nubkhaes
End Anatoly Aldanov
Level 27
Type World Mystery - The Battle for the Holy Land (Empire), Dungeon
Category Asee-Teph
Experience 185
Rewards Head Armor
6s 73c
Previous The Search for Nefer Ur
I'll stay here to study the barrier. Perhaps I'll find a way to break through or even disable it.
Head back outside and tell the Imperial diplomat that the conflict between the Historians and the Empire has been settled.
Secondly, tell him about the cultists. Their sudden appearance in the Temple is a truly troubling sign. I'm not sure how we will proceed next.


Relay Sarang Nubkhaes's message to Anatoly Aldanov at the Imperial camp outside Tensess Temple.


Nefer Ur and Arhivin have reached an armistice! What splendid news!
Still, I'd really prefer to them both right here, where it's safe. Who knows what dangers mey wait them beyond that bizarre magical barrier? I'm especially concerned about the cult... What could they possibly want with the Temple?


  • 185 XP
  • Peacemaker's Mask or Peacemaker's Cossack Hat or Peacemaker's Beret or Peacemaker's Hat


This quest solves the first part of the World Mystery:The Battle for the Holy Land (Empire)