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The Holy Land of the Empire
Start Yasker
End Yasskul Userhet
Level 23
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 165
Rewards 5s 8c
I believe it is time for you to leave the Empire. Now, that doesn't mean you shouldn't come back. In fact, I would strongly recommend that you return periodically and report on your achievements. It's just that I believe your talents would be better utilized elsewhere.
I'm talking about Holy Land, of course. It's a large allod, discovered in 1008 and located between the Empire and Kania. It is an ancient land that still remembers the dawn of the June civilization and the demise of the Zem.
The Holy Land is also where you'll find a large temple built by Tep. Nowadays the pyramid is referred to as Tensess Temple. And fot good reason, for it is in this very temple where the soul of the Great Mage resides.
Whoever takes possession of it shall gain control of the world's holy magic. If we are successful, the League's priests and paladins will be stripped of their abilities, and none of their soldiers will ever be able to use Tensess'Gift to be reborn after death. It is of the utmost importance that we seize it. Am I making myself clear?
The Holy Land is where the future of Sarnaut will be decided. For years war has raged across the Holy Land, and still no victor has emerged. Perhaps it is you who will finally tip the scales and determine the outcome of this struggle.
Make for the Nezebgrad Port and speak with the port commandant. There are regular passages headed to the Holy Land and he will guide you to the correct dock.


Meet with Yasskul Userhet at the Nezebgrad Port.



  • 165 XP